The Diagnodent Laser allows the dentist to determine in a measurable way, how much decay is present in a tooth. We can find cavities that are much smaller, and take care of them BEFORE they damage your teeth and spread out over the dentin. In other words, the smaller the cavity the less tooth structure that needs to be removed in order to fix the problemed area. The laser detects the fluorescence that decay and bacteria release, and sends a signal back to the device with a measurement. The laser will make a loud sound to signal the dentist and to the patient when decay is detected.

Air Abrasion


Air Abrasion technology allows us to remove decay from shallow, early cavities, without the need for anesthesia, all while removing the minimal amount of tooth structure necessary to fix the tooth. Rather than waiting until decay takes over the tooth, which requires much more tooth structure to be removed, we practice minimally invasive dentistry. This means that cavities are caught in their early stages, rather than watching and waiting for it to get worse. The more tooth structure that remains the better, and the healthier your mouth will be. Air abrasion is a finely powdered pressure washing of the decay, that leaves the tooth clean and free from decay. The tooth is filled with a tooth colored filling and bonded into place, keeping the anatomy natural.

Digital X-Ray


The use of digital x rays instead of traditional x rays reduce the amount of radiation that patients receive. The reduction is over 90% than regular film x rays. Not only that, we are able to see the films on the computer screen, enlarged. Our dental team at Designing Smiles can change the contrast, magnify the x rays, and even change the resolution of the picture to better view the x ray. It is also very environmentally friendly. We no longer produce and use all the chemicals normally used to develop and fix films.

Intra-oral Cameras


Our intraoral cameras allow our patients to take a tour of their own mouth. We can enlarge the photo of their teeth on our television monitors. Basically this means our patients can see the detail that DR SAMREEN KAUR sees. Because they are magnified we can often visualize minor fracture lines, rough or leaking fillings, and even new decay that quite possibly would have been missed with the unaided eye. We like to send our patients home with their photos to share with the family (or scare their grandkids).

Electric Handpieces


Electric Handpieces are the most incredibly quiet handpieces available to dentists. Dr.Samreen Kaur uses KAVO Gentlesilence Lux. They feel much smoother to the patient, and they protect the hearing of the patient and dental staff due to the low sound that is emitted. The difference is amazing.

Track Television


Television Monitors are located in each room, and they can adjust so that you can view TV while you are lying down in the chair. You have the choice of either watching TV, viewing a movie of your choice, or listening to music with headphones. We have gentle massage built into every chair to help you relax. We also offer pillows, blankets, hot scented towels, and lip balm for your comfort. We love to spoil our patients.