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Please BE CAREFUL with your words:

Please read below for some important information about your child’s first visit:

Don’t say,” it won’t hurt” or “don’t be afraid”, or “Be a big, tough boy or be brave”, because those very words can make someone think that there IS something to fear. Really, the less that is said, the better for the child. We explain things as we go and try to make it gentle and fun for the kids. Today, with modern fluoride, air abrasion, the wand 2, and dental sealants, in addition to early prevention and education, kids just don’t experience what the generations before them have experienced. Let’s give them a good start and make it really FUN!!

Here are some buzz words and their substitutions:

Please don’t use these wordsPlease use these words
Shot or needleSleepy Juice
DrillMr. Whistle or Mr. Bumpy
Pull /Yank a ToothWiggle a tooth out
Decay or CavitySugar Bug
Drill on a toothWash a tooth
ExaminationCount the teeth
Tooth CleaningTickle the tooth
ExplorerTooth Counter
Rubber DamRaincoat